Make Your Day                                                  Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

In Colorado                                                        The Letter

If I Fell                                                                 Come On Down To My Boat

Lonely Days                                                       Magic Carpet Ride

Nowhere Man                                                     Brown-Eyed Girl

I Can                                                                    So Sad About Us

Rock And Roll Woman                                      Here, There and Everywhere

On A Park Bench                                               Kicks - Hungry

Back In The USSR                                             Good Lovin'

Birthday                                                              Bus Stop

Under My Thumb                                               You're Gonna Lose That Girl

Class of WHAT?                                                 Midnight Hour

To Love Somebody                                            Solitary Man

I Feel Good                                                          I Got A Line On You

Nobody                                                                Help From My Friends

You Can't Do That                                              Drive My Car

Pretty Woman                                                     On The Way Home

Evil Ways - Soul Sacrifice                                  Hold It

Fire                                                                       Heart And Soul

Try A Little Tenderness                                     How's That Grab Ya, Darlin?

Ricky's Monkey - Love Lights                           Rock And Roll Star

Good Night Everybody                                       Knock On Wood

                                                                              He's BAD! (RC Drum Solo)

                                                                              All Hail Corsicana